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Why do Customer Satisfaction Analysis?

How do you keep track of the happiness of your customer base? Calls from happy customers? Calls  from  disgruntled  customers?  Manual,  paper  and  entry  intensive  surveys?  It’s  time  for something better; something easier; something smarter.

The customer is the lifeblood of the business but yet many business owners only know the very satisfied  or  the  disgruntled  customers.  However,  studies  have  shown  that  there  are  different levels  of  satisfaction  between  these  two  extremes,  that  if  managed  can  result  in  significant revenue increases for a business.

Over 20,000  surveys from more than 40 different  countries have proven that if a  customer is somewhat satisfied with a product or service, that customer would be spending 3 times more in that same business if they were very satisfied. And if you think that is something; a somewhat dissatisfied customer will spend 14 times more if they are very satisfied. Wow, now that is a lot of revenue that is up for grabs. Unfortunately it is mostly untapped, because most businesses are completely oblivious to how their customers fit into these categories of satisfaction.


Why MetaMeasures?

MetaMeasures  is  a  stress  free  solution  to  this  problem.  MetaMeasures  is  a  business  that automates  the  collection  of  customer  satisfaction  information,  analyses  this  data,  and  gives professional interpretation on how your customers feel about your products and services. All of this with no major effort on your part, so you can continue to do what you do, and with a click of a  button  see  how  your  business  ranks  with  its  customer  base.  Not  only  that,  our  team  of experts will give free advice on how to improve your customer satisfaction levels.

All you have to do is and sign up for a free consultation on how to effortlessly see this valuable customer information, and grow your business.




MetaMeasures truly believes that technology is the driver of efficiency, and incorporates its use in business solutions as much as possible. Our solutions are user friendly and easy to integrate and are designed to not get in the way of our client’s processes. Moreover, our solutions enhance every process they are introduced to.


Our Customer Satisfaction Programs

The programs that are implemented by MetaMeasures make data collection from customers easy. There is little to no effort on the part of our clients, and we use technology and our expertise to mine the data and produce professional explanations of what our client’s customers think about their products and services.



Every client is different, and MetaMeasures acknowledges this by meeting with each client to determine their specific needs based on their situation. A customized program is then put in place that captures the unique perspectives of that client’s customer base.


Experts In Business Development

Customer satisfaction information is a platform for growth and development. Our consultants have both experience, training and education at the Masters (MBA, MSc) level in Business Administration and International Business. Educated both in the Caribbean and Europe, they can provide professional and expert insight to businesses. MetaMeasures can provide consultation on the way forward, on how to grow your business, and the analysis and recommendations that come out of an interaction with us are professional according to international standards.


Sign up today and we will send a professional consultant out to you at no cost. No obligation on  your part. Our pricing varies according to the particular requirements of the client, so to give a set cost would be misleading. Simply fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you to let you know how a program for your circumstance would be priced.