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Growth Through Measurement
Our Identity

It is often asked, “What is in a name?” Well here at MetaMeasures, our name defines the experience we wish to provide to all clients that we engage. The name MetaMeasures was developed from the Greek word metanoeó, which means to change, and measurement which is the action of measuring something. Together they are combined to make MetaMeasures, which means: change through measurement.

Our Ideal

MetaMeasures is a research and business consulting company that focuses on customer satisfaction as a leading performance indicator for business revenue growth. We subscribe to the highest standards of research methodology and utilize international industry standards in our development and analysis of metrics. Our ideal is to grow businesses, and growth can only be sustained on an accurate and solid foundation.

Our Insight

MetaMeasures ensures that sight is given to areas of businesses that have been previously obscured, and with this more accurate and expanded sight comes better management of resources, and this facilitates growth. We have been fortunate to work with a number of companies in various sectors across the globe, from the Caribbean to China, and so leverages through its consultants, experience and expertise.

The Foundation Of Our Commitment

The only way to do business is to serve others, do more for them, and charge less. We shape everything we do by this motto. We are here to support businesses in an area that has been overlooked due to the cost associated with professional services, but really is key to their next wave of growth. Our model is one of affordable cost for the average business for professional and expert output.

These values are the foundation that fuels our commitment to help businesses succeed:

Creative Leadership

We inspire growth and innovation through learning and action.

Passion For Progress

We have an uncompromising focus on impact and excellence.


We act with honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness..

Our Founder

Growth Through Measurement
Roderick Lashley - BSc. MSc.
Roderick Lashley - BSc. MSc.
Founder / CEO

Roderick has a Bachelors in Economics and Political Science from The University of The West Indies, and a Masters in International Business from the University of Birmingham in the UK. His experience in consulting has spanned many companies in and outside of Barbados, that include Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd., First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Ltd, RBC Royal Bank (Barbados) Ltd., Massy United Insurance, and Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) in Shenzen Port, PRC to name a few. His passion is to see business, whether large or small, function at their optimum capacity.

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